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ENVENT (verb) /en-ˈvent/ 

a) To produce something for the first time through the use of the imagination or of ingenious thinking and experiment


b) The method behind our event magic


Letter of Engagement (LOE)

  • Not an agreement for either party to enter a contract for services

  • Our professional promise to deliver the highest level of planning professionalism and event excellence

  • Communicates our expectations regarding proposal confidentiality, site inspection expenses, research and reservations, design fees, and timelines

  • Details non-refundable design fee for any En|vention Proposal requests

  • Must be signed and returned with any required fees before any work begins

  • Once signed, tentative timeline outlined and agreed upon for proposal, contract completion and coordination, and final logistics



  • An En|spiration Board is a collection of photos with color swatches, linens, props, lighting, and entertainment ideas that may be included in your event design

  • Does not include pricing or guarantee availability

  • Free of charge for all designs

  • Returned within 5-10 business days


EN|VENTION Proposals

  • En|ventions are fully priced proposals with completely customized event design and room layout

  • 30-day guarantee of proposed pricing

  • Does not guarantee availability

  • Each separate design requires a non-refundable design fee[JM1] 

  • Design fee is:

    • A flat rate based on initial price range of design

    • Allows for up to 3 revisions per design

    • Credited to design if contract is requested

  • Depending on complexity, can take up to 4-6 weeks to deliver

  • Please allow additional weeks once presented for revisions


Contract Coordination + Final Operation

  • No guarantees of availability of any products proposed until contract is signed and returned with initial event deposit

  • Require a minimum of 4-8 weeks once signed contract and deposit are received to coordinate and customize the event

  • We communicate with your vendors and venues directly to handle all logistics

  • Final guarantees are determined by each vendor and venue and will be communicated with you upon contract completion

  • Final payment due 30 days prior to your initial event date

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