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Enventors (noun) /ɪnˈven·tərs/

a) Someone who designs or creates something that did not exist before

b) The crew behind the creations



DMCP || Owner

Mantra:  It’s only a problem… if you make it a problem. It’s all about perspective.


Experience: 15+ years


As one of the premier DMCPs in South Carolina, Jess is unrivaled in her sense of sophistication and attention to detail. With Jess at the helm, events are only limited by your own imagination. Jess inspires each client to en|vent something truly one-of-a-kind. With the help of her team, she can make it a reality.


She’s worked an array of events from the Republican National Debate, social functions, athletic competitions and weddings to military balls, city-wide festivals and every type of corporate event from 20 to 20,000 people.


Envents embodies her panache and spirited approach to life.

DMCP badge-6118.png

Jess McAteer

Events Manager

Mantra: You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it come true.

Experience: 5+ Years

Jess’s love for her career shows through her unparalleled level of service, attention to detail, and dedication to executing flawless events. Before becoming Event Services Manager, Jess joined Envents as an Enventor. While still working as a part-time Enventor, Jess also pursued various positions in hospitality to increase her industry knowledge and expertise.


She worked in resort activity planning, food and beverage services, and non-profit event planning. As she established herself as an event planner in Myrtle Beach, Jess always knew Envents was the perfect company for her. She strives to create vibrant, fun, charming, and unforgettable events each and every time!


Ashlyn Fowler

Executive Assistant

Mantra:  Have big dreams. You'll grow into them.

Experience: 10+ years

Ashlyn began her hospitality career over ten years ago, working for two of the most prominent tourist attractions in Myrtle Beach. She held multiple managerial roles and responsibilities and realized early on that she loved creating memorable experiences for the families that visited the area. She brought that sentiment with her when she joined the team as a part-time Enventor in 2016.


In August 2022, Ashlyn officially became a member of the executive team as an Executive Assistant. She believes planning a corporate event should be just as fabulous as the event itself and goes above and beyond to ensure that you and your team have a positive experience "from the first sigh to the final smile."

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